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Do you need help decorating your Austin TX Home? 

If so, Paula Hobbs as one of Austin's Premier Interior Decorators can for sure help you.  And not only will she provide an outstanding service to you as an Austin Interior Decorator, but she is extremely affordable. 

So many people are gun-shy at the thought of hiring an Austin Interior Decorator, but with Paula Hobbs, her rates are very reasonable and she is exceptionally accountable and quick with her time, thus the end results are that you get a great decorator at a great price.

As a matter of fact, from Paula's website www.Pop-Decor.com you will see that she made giving her services a try easy.  On Paula's website you can order a 2 HR Interior Decoration Consultation for $150. As your personal Interior Decorator, Paula is yours for 2hrs to work on whatever decorating needs you want her to tackle. When she comes by, be prepared to work, because Paula is not one to stand around and gab, she likes to get to work and to get going with the projects you have at hand.  If you need help with the arranging of your furniture or the placement of belongings and artwork, by all means she comes prepared to hang the artwork and move the furniture to where it should go.

Top notch Interior Decorator Austin TX services

I am your Austin Interior Decorator, Paula Hobbs

Do you need interior decorating help with things like picking paint colors, or help with flooring?

Look no further for your Interior Decorators Austin TX partner

Are you getting tired of the way your home currently looks? Tired of your interior wall colors? Tired of the exterior colors of your home? Are you tired of your flooring, whether it be your carpet or tile? Would you like to change out your carpet or tile? Would you like to add wood floors? There are so many kinds of wood floors and so many kinds of tiles out there that Paula Hobbs as your Austin Interior Decorator can assist you with. Paula has got a great deal of experience with the many different flooring stores here in Austin.  Paula as a veteran Interior Decorator of Austin TX knows where to go, she knows what products are available, she knows what products are trending, she knows what products will last and she knows who to use to install the new floors.

How about wall colors? How about texture for the wall? How about picking complimenting colors for the walls? How about soothing colors? Are you tired of the drab old builder’s grade wall colors? If so, Paula's years of experience of working with color combinations is a valuable resource to tap in to.  There are so many different color combinations that you would

never have imagined worked well together and Paula as a keen Austin Texas Interior Decorator knows these combinations. Paula knows when and where to use what colors. You can pick a base color, and Paula can match multiple complementing colors for the accent walls and trim for you. How about colors for the outside of your house? Are you tired of the way the outside of your house looks? Paula is exceptional at picking exterior colors. Paula can even bring you small samples and paint the small samples on the walls for you so that you can digest and absorb them over the days to nail down exactly what colors you like the best.

My Interior Decorating services are Reasonable and Affordable.

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Are you building a new Austin TX Home and would like help from an Austin Interior Decorator to help you with things like picking out fixtures, interior and exterior wall colors, tiling, flooring, the cabinetry or the countertops?

Are you building a new home and would like help with things like picking out your sinks or you would like help your new countertops for your kitchen and bathrooms, how about your wall colors, how about your trim colors, how about the exterior stone?  Paula as the Premier and Affordable Austin Interior Decorator is a wonderful source to tap into to be able to help you with stuff like this. Paula has helped so many people all over Austin with the design phase of their new home.  For some people that are building their new home, they know exactly what they want, then for others, they want help.  Paula has worked with new homeowners building their homes helping some with a few things while helping others with everything.  Paula's interior decorating skills are endless, she knows where to source products, she knows what products are made to last, she knows what’s low-end and what’s high-end.  For many homebuilders they will give you item’s to choose from, Paula can tell you from her experience what items she thinks you should choose, what will look the best in your new home and what items will be of the best quality.  Paula can take a lot of the stress out of working with some of these builders, as your interior decorator Paula will work with the builders to make sure they meet your expectations.

An Interior Decorator with awesome skills
that won't break the bank.

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I am the area’s Austin TX Interior Decorator To learn more about Paula Hobbs as an Interior Decorator visit http://www.HobbsInteriorDecorating.com